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Start your meditation journey to go to the land of Truth while living. This guided meditation allows you to reflect on your mind and change your life.

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The Method to Go to the Land of Truth while Living

The Most Joyful News in the World

” If the land of Truth does not exist within you while you are alive, it does not exist when you die.”

For a person to live forever, one must get rid of the incomplete person who is living inside the human mind along with the human mind world. When one is born again in the Universe mind while living, one can live forever.

Guided Meditation

Our meditation instructors do their best to help people find the land of Truth that exists within their minds. As you discover the Truth within, you will find true eternal happiness.

If there is something you don’t know, you can learn it by going to a place that knows it. Join us and learn this systematic meditation method.

The classes are offered both individually and in groups, both online and in-person.

The Method

We use a unique meditation technique called ‘Mind Cleansing Method’. This method is a simple and systematic way to find the Truth within, which tells us what the ‘mind’ is and helps to solve the fundamental roots of problems. It will lead you to freedom and to the land of Truth.

To Get Started

It is only the beginning that is difficult to start. We will help you on your journey to Truth by providing two options from which you can choose.


Select your membership and start your first session.


Book a 30-minute intro session. Select your available date and time.


After doing this meditation, everything changed in my life. All the worries, meaningless habbits washed away like miracle. I personally think this meditation should be practiced among all people, not only for specific people. The people were friendly helping me out and the place is so pretty just to visit
Young S.
When I joined this meditation class, what I realized the meditation helper who guided us was very calm and sincere. It really help me to focus my meditation. and also I liked because I could feel secure. Thank you!
Da Jung L.
This is the "Best" Meditation method I ever came across! Thank you so much to the founders and to the instructors for teaching us such a great method to enjoy the true happiness and peacefulness of our lives. The team also offer many opportunities for us to experience the differences before we can actually decide to register, which I haven't seen else where! I joined recently and meditate everyday and experience the difference in a short period of time. I wish to follow this throughout my life.🤗 I strongly suggest you try this method will your full heart to see the change that you wish to see.. 🙏
yellow rose, flower, rose-4251915.jpg
Arathy M.
The people at this centre are gentle and kind. Meditation method helped me bring more peace and contentment into my life. Very chill and friendly atmosphere. And great food!
Seth F.
Great place and meditation approach. The approach is simple but fruitful. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to decrease the level of stress in daily life and learn how to improve oneself.
Evan B.

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