About Us

People end up dying after doing false deeds in a false world. If you do not have the land of Truth within your mind, you cannot live forever and will end up dying. Only the one who has the true world within one’s mind can live. While living, one should make the true world which is heavenly paradise within one’s mind.

There are only two types of worlds in the world

Non Existing World

Existing World

When you become a righteous person, you become a person with a big mind so you will get along well with others at work. Since you simply focus on what you do, you cannot help but become a number one Champion in social life. However, people have Karma, Habits, and Body in their minds. One cannot succeed due to delusional thoughts caused by one’s fixed ideas and customs.

Our Method

Part 1 : Eliminating Karma (7 levels)
  • My life lived
  • Images of relationships and images of myself
  • My body
  • My body and the universe
  • My body and the universe
  • Eliminating myself from the universe
  • Eliminating my life lived
Part 2 : Eliminating Habits

When habits come out after eliminating Karma and discarding myself, eliminate those habits.

Part 3 : Eliminating Body

When you eliminate Karma, Habits, and Body, you return to Truth. When you are reborn from there, it becomes the True world. When you live in this reborn world, you simply focus on what you do because there are no concerns, worries, stress or delusional thoughts. Also, you can live with wisdom from the mind of the universe instead of being self-centred. When a person dies, there is nothing. There is no death if you are born and live in the land of Truth while living.

Mind Cleansing Method