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I couldn’t deal with them in the past, but now I can.

Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem were my story. I have suffered from depression and anxiety with low self-esteem. If I criticize myself for my faults and shortcomings and constantly talk negative self-talk, I get depressed, hate myself, and this pushes me and makes me more anxious. Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem were closely related to each other. If depression and anxiety are the tips of the iceberg, then low self-esteem would be most of the icebergs in the water, which is a potential cause.

My self-esteem can be low even if I am handsome, learned a lot, and live well financially because self-esteem is an inner evaluation of myself falling short of my standards. Let me talk about how I handled this well to raise my self-esteem and overcome depression and anxiety.

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1. Quit harassing on myself

I have assessed my value of existence due to my ability or achievement. The standard was consistently high and gave me harsh criticism when I didn’t achieve it.

As I meditated, I found the cause of why I did it. Looking back, I had strived for my mother’s recognition and praise as a child, and the people I wanted to be recognized gradually expanded to teachers, friends, boyfriends, and bosses. When I thought they did not recognize me, I felt pathetic and miserable because I thought I was useless. It made me depressed, and I thought I should try harder to satisfy them. But when I began to reflect deeply on myself through meditation, I realized that the cause of the problem was in me. I started to understand that I was relentlessly criticizing and even abusing myself if I couldn’t meet the standards I set. Then the awareness made me break off the negative self-talk.

2. Get rid of the bad habit

To break this bad habit that stuck for life was to abandon it. I gave up trying to fix myself and threw away myself for living with low self-esteem, such as myself, who was not satisfied with me, unnecessary self-criticism, punitive self-talk, and ups and downs stories.

3. Restore the true nature

As if unraveling the tangled threads one by one, all the resentment and obsession started to be released. After meditation, the clogged residue is removed, and the whole body’s blood circulates well and relaxes.

I am originally worthy and meaningful existence. The negative experiences and thoughts in my life made me have low self-esteem. The original clear and bright mind is revealed naturally when such a negative mind is abandoned. It is such a beautiful moment. I don’t need to be harsh on myself anymore. I am worth existence the way I am. I love myself as it is.

After a day, I always reflect on myself and let go of negativities. I would appreciate it if this article helped you. Thank you for reading it.