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How Can Meditation Change Your Life?

Meditation made my life more joyful.

Before meditation, I used to complain about my life a lot. I was not able to love myself and my life. All I had was sadness and despair. Through meditation, I was able to see what is in my mind and get rid of what made me unhappy and my negative minds. Without meditation, I wouldn’t be able to know what is in my mind, and I would never have a chance to clear my mind.

Meditation made me healthier.

I always had digestion problems. Because of that, I was not able to eat three meals a day. I always had to drink juice or a smoothie; otherwise, I couldn’t fall asleep because of my stomach. Even though I went to see a doctor and tried to fix it, even my doctor couldn’t figure out why. I found out that stress caused my stomach issues, and it was meditation that fixed it.

Meditation helped me to forgive.

I hated my father. When I was young, he drank a lot and abused my brother and me physically. Because of that trauma, I had to start seeing a therapist in high school. I kept talking about my father to my counselor, but my anger did not disappear. Within three months of practicing meditation, my rage towards my father had disappeared, and I was able to forgive him.

Meditation answered my questions about life.

I had so many questions about where I came from and why we were born in this world; also, I had so many questions about the bible and Buddhist sutras. I was curious about where we go after we die, and after meditation, I was able to know the clear answers to those questions from within. I was able to reach real enlightenment.

Meditation was one of the best things I did. It was a real miracle for myself and my life.

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