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I have always thought of myself as a “healthy” person. However, during different phases in my life, I discovered things that genuinely made me feel better and healthier, and things that really didn’t make a dent. I have tried many different “diets” or eating protocols, various forms of exercise, and different types of meditation. But even after all my searching, researching, and clean lifestyle choices, my health still wasn’t 100%, and I couldn’t figure out why. Now I am finally discovering a new level of health, and I would like to share my tips on what I found.

1. Get rid of the stress

The single most effective thing that made a difference to my health was having a regular meditation practice. I found that the more I cleaned my mind, the healthier my body became. This is because health starts with the mind. For example, mental stress causes physical stress in the body. Chronic stress creates blockages and tension in the body and can result in a myriad of health problems. It also leads to sleep difficulties, and sleep is the number one thing our bodies need to heal. So if nothing else, getting rid of the stress is the single best thing for health.

2. Drink water

I had heard this thousands of times from different people, books, therapists and experts. As a parent, as soon as I see my kids getting cranky, I automatically say “have you had any water today”? There was a doctor, Dr. Batmanghelidj, who was a prisoner; he famously treated his fellow prisoners’ many ailments by prescribing water. When I learned about the importance of good quality water, I invested in a water purifier (one that removes fluoride and chlorine from tap water). It was the best thing I ever bought, and my kids and I use it several times a day – drinking plenty of good quality water is literally my lifeline.

3. Sleep

I had to figure out how much sleep I needed, and make sure I got that amount every night. Period. Our bodies are made to repair themselves, and the best time for repair is when we sleep. Whatever health concerns I have, I know my body will be better equipped to cope with it when I get enough sleep.

4. Cut out sugar

I’m not going to talk about food and diets, as everybody is different. Some people can tolerate wheat, for example, and others can’t. Really, food is down to the individual. I will, however, say that sugar is hands down the worst thing for my health. There is an abundance of research on sugar as a toxin, and it’s really worth reading up on (I liked Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” book, but there are many others equally good).

5. Move your body

We humans are made for movement. I know my body was not designed to sit still for hours at a time hunched over an illuminated screen. My eyes, back, muscles, butt – everything really – suffers when I don’t move. I have found that walking and yoga is the best exercise for me, but everyone is different. If we move our bodies, the energy flows, and illness is less likely to develop.

6. Go outside

Nature is extremely healing and nourishing. Walking outside with bare feet is grounding, standing in the rain is cleansing, getting your hands dirty is therapeutic. Not to mention the energy (and vitamin D) we get from the sun. There is scientific research that just looking a tree or petting an animal relieves stress. And remember stress causes illness. In my health journey, I have discovered the joys of being outside as much as possible, and I highly recommend it.

I could go on and on, but those are my main tips.

I wish you all the best on your health journey.

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